Tuesday, November 4, 2008

And it begins

Why is it that community activists and the NAACP are always complaining on voting day? This year is like no other.

Lawsuits alleging voter suppression surfaced in the hotly contested state of Virginia. A judge refused late Monday to extend poll hours or add voting machines to black precincts in some areas. The NAACP, in a federal lawsuit, demanded those changes, saying minority neighborhoods would experience overwhelming turnout and there weren't enough electronic machines.

U.S. District Judge Richard Williams denied the motion for a preliminary injunction, but ordered election officials to publicize that people in line by 7 p.m., the polls' closing time, would be allowed to cast ballots.

Do the election officials also have to publicize that anyone who doesn't vote for Obama is a racist?

Elections are handled at the local level. If black neighborhoods don't have enough machines, that's the fault of the local leaders who didn't request enough. As for long lines equaling voter supression, give me a break. In Cobb County, Georgia, a predominantly white county, people were in line for 2-3 hours to vote early. I didn't hear the NAACP - or anyone else for that matter - bitching about that.

You all know what this is of course. In the even THE MESSIAH loses, it will be because of voter suppression of the black vote.

I wonder how long Mickey Mouse will have to wait in line to vote. Or given his VIP status, did ACORN make accommodations for him to vote without waiting?

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