Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Difference between a liberal and conservative in a nutshell

The red blue divide explained

McCain voters, who exist in smaller percentages in Obama-heavy precincts, may not have the same determination to spend all day in line the way Obama's voters have shown.

We pressed Adelman on why outside observers should feel confident that Georgians will stay in line, as long as it takes. Adelman paused for a moment, looking for a way to capture the intangible. Finally, with the air of a woman who'd seen early voters up close, she shrugged.

"I just think our voters are going to stand in line."

Or put another way:

Obama's base - society's parasites including welfare recipients, teachers, government "workers", union "workers" - has nothing better to do all day than stand in line. McCain's base has jobs they have to go to and hence can't spend all day in line. They have to be at work, earning income to pay taxes to give to Obama's base.

And yet somehow Obama's base is the oppressed group.

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Anonymous said...

Agreed. Except the teacher part. Teachers are government employees but they do work.