Sunday, November 16, 2008

Barry Says: Let's spend some money

For any of you delusional people who think Obama will govern from the center...or those of you willing to give him a chance, watch his weekly address and wake the fuck up to reality. This man is a communist who sees the government as the solution to all problems.

If you can't stand to watch him, let me give you the executive summary of his proposal:

- government will solve everyone's problems
- give money to auto workers
- give more money to the unemployed
- give more money to those on welfare
- give money to home "owners"
- give free health care to everyone
- give more money to the education lobby
- give money to construction workers
- give money to the "green" lobby
- no mention of tax cuts
- not a mention of where this money will magically come from
- not a mention of personal responsibility
- no mention of the fact it is business not government that creates jobs

Still want to give him a chance? Still think he won't be so bad? Still think he will govern from the center? Still believe in Santa Claus?


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