Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cali Burns

I had to choke back the tears when I read this:

The night before, northwest of Los Angeles, more than 180 homes burned to the ground Thursday in Santa Barbara and the wealthy, star-studded community of Montecito, said William Boyer, spokesman for the city of Santa Barbara. The total could reach 200, he said.

And all this after Obama was elected? How could that be? Surely this cannot be happening. I was assured by the MSM and everyone else that once THE MESSIAH is elected, all the world's problems go away. We will definitely not have any more hurricanes, that's a given since Katrina was manufactured by Bush to kill black people. I just assumed that fires were going to be a thing of that past as well with the DEAR LEADER ruling us. What the hell happened?

Seems like one of the "victims" was Oprah's house. And Rob Lowe's house too. Something about poetic justice or something like that. The perfect trifecta would be Barbara Streisand's house burning to the ground. Come on nature, I know you can do it.



Anonymous said...


I share your ill will to the Hollywood crowd. However this round of fires in California has hurt thousands of regular people including 300 mobile homes that have burned to the ground.

Ed said...

OK fair enough. But still that does not take away from my satisfaction of seeing those idiot Hollywood assholes suffer.