Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bush will be missed

I say that in all sincerity. The far left will miss Bush tremendously when he leaves office. Every problem in the world was his fault. Even natural disasters like Katrina were somehow his fault. 9/11 was his fault. For a guy who could barely string together two sentences, dude was a fucking genius.

So what will the DailyKosers, MSNBC anchors, NY Times editors do come January 21st? I mean sure they will have some leeway for part of 2009 and retroactively blame Bush. When unemployment hits 7% in March, they will blame Bush. When it hits 8% in June, they will blame him too. But what happens when it hits 9% in September? At what point does it become simply laughable to blame the last guy? If I recall the media blamed Bush for the 2001 recession.

I suppose by the time unemployment hits 12% in mid-2009, even MSNBC will have to acknowledge the Lord Jesus Obama isn't all he was cracked up to be. It will be spun into a 'look how hard he is trying, but failing' narrative. But nonetheless the emperor's nakedness will be out in the open.

And when unemployment soars past the 15% mark in 2010, I would guess even Mr. Kos himself will have to do the unthinkable and criticize St.Barry. I will be interesting to watch the Obamatrons unravel. To them Obama is God. He is a savior. When he fails to deliver it will be crushing to the imbeciles on the left. I will be watching for a far, eating popcorn and laughing at what the US has become, a 3rd World dictatorship where 1/2 the population doesn't even understand what's happening.


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