Wednesday, November 19, 2008

From the you can't make this stuff up if you try files...

Washington DC will be bankrupted by Obama's party in January. If this isn't the best metaphor ever, I don't know what is. You'd think a man like Obama, who is only concerned with the well being of the country would say due to the harsh economic conditions, we will keep it low key. However, since Obama is nothing but a megalomaniac thug from Chicago, he will roll into DC with all the pomp and circumstance fit for a DEAR LEADER.

Anyone out there starting to have second thoughts? Buyer's remorse anyone? Too late now suckers. Then again Obama's voters don't even know who Nancy Pelosi is or the fact that Democrats control Congress (see yesterday's post). I doubt any of them will even realize what's happening. It will be like a frog in boiling water for the Obamatrons. One day they will wake up in the re-education camp and ask WTF happened.


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