Thursday, November 6, 2008


Nikkei Down 6.5%

Hang Seng Down 7.1%

Dow Jones Down 5.0% today....a nice even 10% plunge since Obama's win.

For the Obama voters out there reading this, you probably have no idea what all these letters mean. It's not HOPE, it's not CHANGE, so to you it has no meaning. But trust me, it is important. These are global stock market indexes. You know, global, as in the first global president? There that should make you understand. And these indexes fell like a rock after BARRY won his ACORN rigged election. This is 1 day after.

How many days are there in 4 years?

Burn baby burn

** UPDATE **

Today and yesterday's plummet is the largest 2 day post-election drop ever. For Obama voters, that means it has never happened before. How's everyone liking the change so far? I love the smell of destruction in the afternoon. BURN BURN BURN!


Anonymous said...

Ed I think you need to chill man. Obama will be a disaster but there's no need to cheer it on.

Ed said...


I'm not cheering it. I'm simply pointing out what the MSM won't. Obama will put the final nail in this country's coffin. And it will be fun to watch the destruction. And yes be able to shout from the rooftop TOLD YOU SO!

If you want sunshine and lollipops, is the place for you.