Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Good News: Housing Crash is Over......Again

I haven't seen one of these predictions in a while. Nice to know they're back. To sum it up, now is a good time to buy. Housing prices will flatten in the next couple of months. This spring will be the best time every to buy a house. If you don't buy now, you will be priced out forever.

Seriously though, how many times do these experts get to be 100% wrong before they stop being experts? I can't think of another profession where you can be as wrong as these people and still have a job. They have been saying housing will bottom next quarter for about 10 quarters now. They have been saying next spring will be a great time to buy for 3 years. They have been saying now is a great time to buy a house for...well forever.

And yet they have been wrong every year, every quarter, every month. Imagine a doctor had that kind of track record. Or an architect. Or anyone else for that matter. Everything these "experts" have said for the past 3 years has turned out to be wrong. Every single prediction.

And yet they are still out there earning a paycheck and making the same idiotic predictions. Amazing.


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