Monday, November 10, 2008

National Holiday Planned

And of course, right on schedule there is a now a push to create a national holiday in honor of the DEAR LEADER. That was fast. I would have though they'd at least wait until he was sworn into office. How long before a push to put the DEAR LEADER on the $1 bill? After all it is obviously racist to have that old white dude on the $1 bill. Mt. Rushmore can't be too far behind. Ronald Reagan won the cold war, pfft. That's nothing, he doesn't deserve to be there. But the community organizer sure does. And it is beyond racist to have the seat of government in Washington DC. I say we rename it to Obama DC and renamed a few states, Washington among them, to Obama. We could have N. Obama, S. Obama, W. Obama, E. Obama, New Obama, Rhode Obama and just plain Obama. And in honor of the DEAR LEADER we should rename New York City to Obama City. It would be a little confusing when the Giants play the Redskins I suppose. But we could take care of that by renaming the Redskins the Barracks and the Giants the Obamas. But then someone would always be cheering either agianst Obama or against Barrack. So scratch that.

You know where else they celebrate the birthday of their current leaders? North Korea and Cuba, that's where. Even in Russia, Putin didn't declare a national holiday for his birthday. But in America, Barry's b-day will soon be a day off.



mouse said...

Your running mantra --RIP AMERICA 1776-2009-- Is certainly powerful and is certainly my worry. The base of all my political thought is the fear of eventual totalitarian rule. It's the nature of all government to slowly accrue more power to itself. A democratic citizenry struggles against that. Eventually they lose, but it would be nice to go a century or more beyond the present as a free people.

I don't know now though that we're going to make it. This is sudden. The left is in place and this unexpected severe economic dislocation will give them a rational to expand power. I'm voting "maybe" in your poll as to whether or not there will be an election in 2016. Actually, I'm absolutely certain there will be an election in 2016, I just don't know if by that time it will mean anything.

Ed said...


All great empires end eventually. And they all tend to be destroyed from within. America is no different. Putting aside the personal feelings you - and I - have, and looking at it analytically, it's inevitable.

Regarding 2016, you're on the same track I am. There will be elections but after 8 years of ACORN voter registration, there might as well not be any. Obama will win with Saddam Hussein style margins of victory.

As for Obama running for a 3rd term, why not? Michael Bloomberg is barred from running a 3rd time in New York City by term limits. He's just ignoring the law and running anyway. And he will win in a landslide. That's how liberals operate. They have no regard for any laws and Obama will simply ignore the 22nd Amendment.