Sunday, November 9, 2008

Stupidity, thy name is Pelosi

Correct me if I'm wrong, but haven't the Democrats, led by Idiot in Chief Pelosi been telling us all how evil cars are. Especially the super-evil Detroit manufactured SUVs that only only destroy the environment but also crush innocent Priuses all over the land. Enviro-Nazi in chief Al Gore has made tens of millions of dollars advocating the eradication of the automobile. Thug-in-Chief Barry Obama talks about alternative energy like it's the second coming.

And yet these people are getting ready to hand out $50B (for publik skool graduates and/or Obama voters that's billion, as in 50 thousand million dollars) to the Big 3. So now the federal government will not only control the banking system, it will also control the auto industry. Know who else controlled the auto industry?

Answer is Adolf Hitler. The VW was created by him and translated to English Volkwagen means "People's Car". Wonder how long it will be until GM/Chrysler/Ford are merged into one company, run by the Department of Transportation. Given the thuggery of Obama, I say less than 12 months. Maybe even sooner.

Next step will be - and mark my words this is coming soon - increased tariffs on foreign cars. A Honda Civic will cost $35,000 in the not too distant future. Americans will be forced to buy American cars, giving the government conmplete control over transportation needs.

Of course once the government controls the production of vehicles, they will set standards. No more SUVs. No more large sedans. No more environment killing air conditioning. No more sports cars. Look for a line of Nissan Sentra sized cars with no frills. The perfect utilitarian cars for the masses.

That is exactly how the people of Eastern Europe bought cars. The government produced 1 car. Your only option was color and even that was limited to 3 or 4. Look up Lada, Dacia, Skoda, Trabant. These were the cars manufactured by the Soviet Union, Romania, Czechoslovakia and East Germany. And it's where the US will be within a decade.

How's that change going so far eveyone?


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