Sunday, November 9, 2008

Theft in The Land of 10,000 Lakes

The Democrats are in the process of stealing the senate election in Minnesota. And nobody in the MSM cares, surprise, surprise. The short version is: Coleman (R) won by 726 votes on Tuesday. His opponent, Al Franken (the vile human being from Air America and SNL) asked for a recount. Since then there have been hundreds of new votes "found". Literally found in boxes. Or instead of 106 in one precinct for Franken the 1 was suddenly changed to a 2, for a gain of 100 votes.

And 100% of these new votes were for Franken. Hundreds of new votes found and not one, not a single one, was for the Republican? That is statistically speaking impossible. Even in places like Chicago and New York City, that would be statistically impossible. Or maybe possible but in the OJ is really innocent area of probability.

And it looks like they will just keep recounting and recounting as many times as it takes until Franken wins.

The details.


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