Tuesday, November 25, 2008

These 2.5M new jobs DEAR LEADER will create

Has anyone bothered asking how and where these 2.5M new jobs will come about? The Dear Leader thinks that fixing potholes on highways will magically make this happen.

What's that you say? It's more than fixing potholes. It's strengthening the entire infrastructure. OK. What does that mean exactly? The US in general has very strict codes as it is. Every road, every bridge, every tunnel right now is solid. People point to the bridge collapse in Minnesota and say see, the whole system is crumbling. Bullshit. The reason that was such big news was because it is so rare for a bridge to crumble.

And whatever maintenance is needed is already being done. It is insane to think that somehow there are 2.5M jobs waiting in the fix bridge/road business just waiting to be filled.

It's not like lots of new highways will be built. We already have pretty much all the highways we need. What is Obama going to do, build a second I-95 or a second I-75 or a second I-5? If anything we probably need more highays in urban areas. But the very people who voted for Obama - enviro loons - have opposed construction of new highways in urban areas for decades.

And even assuming that somewhere they will find bridges and road work for 2.5M people, where will these people come from? Right now the people out of work are mortgage brokers, real estate agents, bank clerks, investment bankers, retail clerks. Does anyone think for a second that these people will show up, hard hat in hand, ready to pour concrete on a bridge building project? And why should they? Unemployment benefits have been extended yet again. You can now sit on your ass collecting benefits for more than a year. Who in their right mind will give up the weekly govt check in exchange for working on a construction site?

Of course nobody in the media is asking any of these questions. They are so complicit in the Obama lie they can't ask even fundamental questions. Not even the the lone wolf right media is asking this. All they're doing is pointing out the lunacy of the money being spent. Money which is going to end up in the hands of corrupt union bosses and their cohorts in the construction industry.

At the end of the day yet more trillions of tax dollars will be squandered without any new jobs created.



Anonymous said...

The infrastructure is not as solid as you’d like to think.

The German Autobahn was designed to have a 50+ year lifespan. Eisenhower’s Interstate System was designed for 30 years (which means we’re about 25 years past due for major repairs.

Drive under any overpass in the metropolitan area where I live and you’ll see plywood overhead holding back crumbling concrete to keep it from falling on the cars passing underneath.

I’d rather see my money go into infrastructure than get shoveled up some Banker’s ass.


Ed said...

Fine. It is still maintenance work. No way in hell that equals 2.5M people making repairs to underpasses.

And it's not like the interstate system hasn't had repairs over the years. Hell, every highway I drive on is in a perpetual state of construction.

All Obama will do is increase the construction delays by doubling the number of people standing around wearing pretty orange vests.