Monday, November 10, 2008

Why not just give everyone $1M and be done?

The Fed won't disclose $2T (for Obama voters that is trillion as in a thousand billion). AGI just got another $40B from the Feds. GM is getting $50B. Obama is talking about another $100B stimulus in the form of more tax credits for people who pay no taxes. And this is all on top of the $700B bailout and on top of the $300B mortgage bailout and on top of the $150B stimulus from April. It is apporaching $3T in spending, with money that doesn't exist and has to be printed.

And Barry still wants to give everyone "free" health care, "free" education, "free" daycare, a $4000 a year tax credit for community service (ir $4K a year for people who pay no taxes to pick up trash on a weekend). This is close to another $1T a year in new spending.

Hope and change, change and hope. The real change will mean the value of the dollar is in the toilet. Not that any Obama voter understands any of this of course. All you care about is that you made history. Well yes, you did. You took a once prosperous country and turned it into a 3rd World shithole overnight. Good job.


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