Friday, December 19, 2008

Don't Be Fooled

I have to give credit to Obama. The guy is a master of disguise.

He appoints Warren to be his pastor or reverend or whatever the title is at the inauguration. He pisses off the gays and conservatives have new found admiration for him. Over what? A prayer.

It is amazing to me how people are falling for his bullshit. The man is a committed Marxist. Everything he has done over the past 20 years shows that he is a Marxist. He is anti-military. He is anti-gun. He is for high taxes. He is for unions. He is for amnesty. He is for abortion on demand with no questions asked. He is 1/2 Muslim. He stands for everything that conservatives oppose.

But all that doesn't matter anymore because he will have an evangelical Christian say a prayer. If it's that easy to fool conservatives and Republicans, we are in deeper trouble than I thought. And he's also promised to spend $850B to build roads, I guess he can't be that bad right? I mean Hitler built the autobahn and he turned out OK. Right? Nothing to worry about folks. Just go about your business and know that you are in good hands with the Obama/Warren team.


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