Sunday, December 21, 2008

Obama making it up as he goes along

Hey good news everyone. Obama will now "create or preserve" 3 million jobs. Dude that is awesome. Originally it was only 2 million. So he has just created an additional 1 million phantom jobs in the past week alone. This guy is on fire. By next month we will have 10 million new jobs.

And how will all these magical new jobs appear? Well we don't need to worry about that. He is the messiah you know and nobody dare question the messiah.

What is interesting about his plan is the "create or preserve" statement. It's fucking brilliant really. If 5 million jobs are lost in the next 4 years, which is probably a conservative estimate, Obama will be able to say 'yeah but 8 would have been lost without my plan'. And of course there is no way to know either way. And given the average IQ of the typical Obama voter is somewhere just above the retard line, they will believe it.

And in 2012 when unemployment is hovering around 12%, the Obamatrons will vote for him because they think it would be 17% without his brilliance.

Sometimes it is amazing to think that the same country that sent a man to the moon, created the assembly line, is the home of Silicon Valley, won WW2 and the Cold War is also collectively stupid enough to believe Obama will create jobs out of thin air by taxing the most productive people out of business in order to send checks to the least productive people.

What the hell happened to this place?


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