Friday, December 5, 2008

MSM, god love ya

I was flipping around the tee-vee and stumbled on one of the local Atlanta news reports. For a major city, Atlanta has some of the worst local newscasts imaginable. You'd think you were in some podunk town in the sticks, CA not in the 8th largest city in the country.

Anyway they had three stories in a row about how awful the economy is. Layoff this, foreclosure that, Dow took a big dump yet again. The unemployment rate in Georgia is at a 20 year high. Then the 4th story comes on regarding real estate in Atlanta. And laughably the tone of the story was, you better go buy a house now because you will miss out on the greatest buyer's market ever if you wait any longer. The "expert" real estate agent said...and you better sit down for is a great time to buy. And since he is a real estate agent and took an entire weekend course on selling, well shit, he must know what he's talking about.

The station that ran this is owned by Cox Communications. Cox also owns a bunch of radio stations and more importantly the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, the local dead tree print media in town. Now boys and girls, where does a newspaper's main source of revenue come from? Anyone? Bueller? Real estate ads. Those never ending pages of ads for homes is the bread and butter of the newspaper business. Without it they'd be out of business faster than a GM dealership in 2009.

So it is no surprise then that the parent company would force the local affiliates to keep pumping and dumping real estate. No sane newsroom editor - even the shitty ones in Atlanta - could possibly have 3 stories about how awful the economy is and then a 4th saying the housing market is poised to rise. Either that news editor needs to be fired or this is yet more proof of how corrupt the media has become.


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