Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Right after the election, the MSM was in full Obama euphoria. They had worked hard for 18 months to elect this man. And damn it they waz gonna party like it's 1999. 5 million people would join that party in DC screamed the headlines. It would be a true coronation of the CHOSEN ONE. The world would turn out to see history. Children would be there to witness history. They would tell their kids and grand kids they saw the greatest spectacle on earth as the Lord Jesus Obama was sworn in as benevolent dictator of the masses.

Well now reality is starting to sink in to the leftist vermin. The 5 million is now cut to 2 million. If 1 million show up I will be surprised.

But isn't this a perfect metaphor for the entire presidency? 5 million down to 2 million in less than two months...and down to 1 by the time it happens. This kind of disappointment will be felt again and again by the leftists out there who think the Lord Savior Obama will solve every one of their problems. The free mortgage, the free car, the free health insurance...might not happen after all. The union slobs will not be saved, even with the Gm bailouts. The deadbeats who can't afford to pay their bills will go bankrupt. Hurricans will still happen. Blizzards will still happen.

All that will still be the case, except I will be paying twice as much in taxes and pigs like Obama and Blago will be twice as rich.


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