Wednesday, December 24, 2008

So it will work?

The MSM headlines these days have taken an odd - yet predictable - twist. They have shied away recently from asking "WILL" the Obama socialist plan work to "HOW WELL" will it work. It is now a given in the MSM that taxing those that produce in order to send checks to that that don't produce is a winning stragey. The fact it failed in the 1930s in the US and failed even almost as badly in the 1990s in Japan is irrelevant these days. Obama has a plan. Obama is the the new savior (Happy B-Day by the way Barry for your big day tomorrow). Therefore everything he does will work.

There is no skepticism left in the MSM about socialism. Used to be, even 5 years ago, that socialism was discredited. It had been tried in 1/2 of Europe for 70 years and failed. It had been tried in North Korea and it led to millions of people dying to death from lack of food, even though Kore is one of the most fertile places on earth. It had been tried in Cuba where people still drive cars from the 1950s and children beg for money from foreign tourists on beaches.

Now all that doesn't matter. The idea of spending $1T on building bridges and caulking high school windows, paid for with a 55% marginal tax rate on upper earners is now a given to create millions of jobs and prosperity.

Only question now is how long until the MSM is allowed to ask the question. When unemployment hits 8% in mid-2009, it will be Bush's fault. When it hits 9% in late 2009 it will be Bush's fault. But at some point in 2010 when we hit double digits, even the NY Times will have to start asking a question or two of the Messiah. Only question is will they be allowed to? Or will the Blago Chicago Machine be so entrenched in all levels of society by then that any dissident will be dealt with swiftly?

Obama promised to mandate compulsory volunteerism for all 18-25 year olds. What do you think those 18-25 year olds will be training for? I suspect it will be training in how to "re-educate" doubters of the Messiah. And by the time everyone figures out what's really happening, it will be too late.

Hey but he got a gay hating reverend to say a prayer, so it will be OK.


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