Thursday, December 11, 2008

Those waskally Republicans

Here is the screaming headline from Yahoo News:

Auto rescue bill in peril, opposed by GOP senators

Man I tell, you. Those evil Republicans are at it again. Why the wonderfully wonderful Democrats are trying to **RESCUE** these poor companies, which through absolutely no fault of their own, are hurting. And yet these nasty, mean spirited, kitten eating Republicans come along and say no.

Nowhere in the MSM are any of these points ever mentioned

1. UAW union members make $73 an hour on the assembly line. That works to about $150,000 a year. That's $150K a year for a job that requires zero education and almost zero skill. Any trained monkey could be on an assembly plant tightening lug nuts 8 hours a day. And this generous package includes up to 8 weeks vacation, $0 deductible and $0 co-pay insurance and a guaranteed pension plan. Raise your hand if you have any of that? Didn't think so. And so what the UAW thugs and their pals in the Democrat party are demanding is that the 99% of taxpayers who don't make $150K, don't have a $0/$0 health plan and don't have a guaranteed pension plan, bail out the 1% that does.

2. Honda, Toyota, BMW, Mercedes, Hyundai, Nissan all have US and/or Canadian assembly plants. The majority of Accords and Camrys sold in N. America are made in N.America. Hyudnai is in the process of building a new plant in Georgia. None of these companies are in DC begging for money. Why? Simple. Because instead of paying $73 an hour to union slobs, they pay $40 an hour to non-union employees. And as a bonus the quality of the product is heads and shoulders above the junk coming out of Detroit since the employees can actually be fired for showing up drunk to work unlike their UAW counterparts.

3. What the fuck happened to capitalism? You know the system where some companies prosper and some companies fail. The system I thought we had up until about 3 months ago when George Bush decided no company can ever fail again. So GM goes under, fine, let it go under. The cars that it sold will be sold by someone else. The people it employes will be employed by someone else. The MSM and Dmeocrats are making it sound like if GM goes every person that works at GM willbe unemployed forever. Bullshit. Ford will hire some. Toyota will hire some. Honda will hire some. And the rest, well they will work at McDonald's where they should have been working all along, given their skills set and education levels.

4. If GM and Chrysler can't sell cars today, there is no reason to think they will be able to sell cars in 6 months. That is when he first payment of the loan is due. Of course they will not have the money to pay the loan back. And so the "loan" will become a gift. And at some point in 2009 the $15B "loan" will become $30B. Then $50B. Then $100B. And none of the money will ever be paid back.

5. The notion that somehow "green cars" will save GM is laughable. Green cars were a 2 month fad in June and July when gas was $4.50. Now at $1.50 you can't give away small cars anymore. Even in Europe electric car sale are falling off a cliff. People do not want to drive cramped, unsafe cars. They want comfortable, spacious cars/trucks/suvs. GM's product line is not the issue. The issue is it costs too much to build compared to competitor products. I could make the world's best cup of coffee. But if I have to pay my employees $25 an hour, while Starbucks pays $9 an hour, I will be out of business very quickly. Product offering becomes almost irrelevant.
I hope the GOP is finally finding a backbone and will have the courage to fight this. They caved with TARP and look at the great results that yielded. Come on GOP, get your act together and filibuster this thing.


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