Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Health Care Fix - Simple 6 Point Plan

My proposal. Total cost almost nothing. Total pages to write, maybe 10. Solves 90% of issues.

1. Insurance companies cannot deny anyone coverage for pre-existing conditions. However insurance companies may charge a premium for the condition, but that premium cannot exceed 25% of the cost of the policy without the condition.

2. Once enacted, a policy cannot be cancelled for any reason other than failure to pay premium on time.

3. Any person that has an AGI under 50% of the median AGI in the zip code in which he/she lived the previous fiscal year, will be eligible for a government subsidy to buy insurance. The subsidy will be on a sliding scale and based on a % of income and median price of health insurance in the zip code. Nobody but US citizens and legal permanent residents will be eligible for the subsidy. Proof of citizenship/permanent residency, either in the form of a US passport, US birth certificate or green card will be required to receive the subsidy.

4. The maximum any lawsuit can pay for malpractice is a) 25X the average income of the injured party over the past 3 years or b) $2M, whichever amount is higher. The maximum percentage a lawyer can receive from any lawsuit payout will be 20%.

5. Every adult must carry health insurance. There will be no fines for failure to do so. However the following restrictions will be enforced:

a. Any tax refund from the IRS will be paid out only upon proof of health insurance in the preceding year.
b. State driver licences will only be issued and renewed to those who show proof of health as well as auto insurance.
c. US passports will only be issues/renewed to those who show proof of health insurance.
d. Federal student loans will only be available to those who can show proof of health insurance.
e. Federally backed mortgages (VA, FHA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac) will only be written for people who have show proof of health insurance.

6. 100% of health insurance costs, as well as 100% of out of pocket expenses will be tax deductible on both federal and state income tax returns.

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Good ideas.