Wednesday, September 9, 2009


So let me get this straight. Obama will give 30 million people free health insurance. But that will add $0 to the deficit. OK Barry, whatever you say playah. And did you notice how the number of uninsured is now 30 million instead of 50 million as was the case 2 weeks ago? What happened? Did 20 million people just die or something?

If this speech was supposed to be the home run event meant to galvanize support for his takeover effort....EPIC FAIL. I had to force myself to keep watching, it was that boring. I didn't care much for what Clinton had to say, but at least his speeches were interesting and absorbing. Watching Obama is like watching a father scold his kid for 45 minutes.

Unless you are a life long member of the Obama Kool Aid club, I can't see how this possibly swayed you towards him.

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