Monday, December 1, 2008

Better get the next round of bailout checks out fast

The SEC title game is in Atlanta next week between Alabama and Florida. I checked on stubhub for tickets thinking it would be kinda fun to attend. Until I saw what tickets are going for. The cheapest ticket up in the nosebleeds is $280. For really good seats it's close to $1000.

So I'm thinking hmmm, that seems rather odd when Sir Obama and Jim Martin (Dem running for Senate in Georgia) are telling me day after day that the middle class is in horrible shape. I'm thinking that doesn't sound right if the middle class is blowing $300 to $1000 on a football game does it?

Then I thought, well OK, maybe it's only the evil "rich" that is attending the game. But that doesn't make sense either. The Georgia Dome seats 71,000 for football. The student body at Flordia is 48,000, meaning 12,000 a year 480,000 alumni over the past 40 years. Alabama's student body is 21,000, which is 210,000 alumni over the past 40 years. So combined between Florida and Alabama there are about 700,000 potential people who want to attend the game. According to Sir Obama, "rich" is defined as anyone who is in the top 2% of income earners. Therefore just by using simple math, I can disprove the notion that only rich people are attending the game.

Therefore, it is a given that there will be tens of thousands of middle class people paying $300 to see a college football game. Not to mention the cost of traveling for most people who do not live in Atlanta.

And yet I am told on a daily basis that these people are in dire need of government help to justify the trillions of dollars being printed. Maybe next year there will be tax payer funded subsidies to see the Super Bowl and the Final Four.


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