Monday, December 1, 2008

Papers Please!!

Obama has outlined a plan to have 20,000 soldiers patrolling inside the US in the name of protecting against terrorist attacks. Oh goodie, goodie. I feel safer already.

You know what else I think would be useful in helping against terrorism? Making sure there are no guns in the country. After all if nobody has a gun, then nobody will use a gun to commit terrorism or other types of crime. And since we have all these armed soldiers around, we don't need the protection of guns anymore, they will protect us all. And when the order comes to turn in our guns to the Obama government, I'm sure those nice young soldiers will be more than happy to help us out.

I predict that the 'terrorists' these soldiers will be fighting will not be named Ahmed or Mohammed. Instead they will be named Joe and Tim and will be 'home grown terrorists'. That is they will be people who do not subscribe to the Obama regime's way of life and dare to protest. Look for a whole bunch of Waco type scenarios coming next year.

I have an idea. How about sending those 20,000 to the border instead? Too radical I know. The idea of using the military to protect the country's border, that's just nutty. Much better idea to have the military patrol down main street instead and make sure those suspicious 'terrorists' - don't get out of line.

While watching a bit of the India attacks on TV, I was thinking it's odd that the Indian military is involved. It's kind of unique in the US that the military doesn't even get involved in domestic issues. The National Guard may be called to help out, but that is not the same thing as calling out Navy Seals or other special forces which is what the Indian government did. And what the Russians did. And what every S. American country does when dealing with a domestic emergency.

And yet here we are less than a week later and it's all going away. Scary times are ahead folks, scary fucking times.


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