Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Land of Cheats

A new crisis has been annoucned today. Well no actually two new crises have been announced. No actually damn it 3. First is there is a lack of kosher meat after a raid ona processing plant that nabbed a bunch of illegals. Crisis #2 is the announcement that there is a salt crisis which may lead to the 4th crisis of icy roads this winter.

But back to the crisis at hand, which is ..... sit down for it.....American teenagers cheat a lot. They cheat, lie, steal and behave like savages a lot.

This "surprise" or "shocking" finding is a lot like the "surprise and shock" exhibited at the current economic meltdown. Only people who were surprised by the oncoming depression were those who didn't want to see what was happening. People who bought a $700K house on $30K salary didn't want to believe that anything could ever go wrong.

Same with the behavior of teenagers. Anyone who has been in a mall in the past 5 years knows what teenagers are like. And who can blame this behavior given who their parents are. Their parents lie cheat and steal themselves. Millions of people bought houses using liars loans. That is they simply lied about their income to get the loan. And after that didn't work out, they simply walked away and stole money from their lenders by not paying back the loan as agreed. That is the new American mentality. Get what's mine and fuck you to the rest of the world.

Why would anyone be surprised that the offspring of this generation is behaving in an identical manner? And is it any wonder that the "youth vote" went overwhelmingly to a man whose entire political career has been one big lie?

The difference between 1st world and 3rd world countries isn't that big. People are people, whether in Dallas or Darfur. The difference between Dallas and Darfur is in Dallas a contract on a piece of paper means something. In Darfur it doesn't mean anything. But for the contract to mean something, you need 2 parties who will honor that contract and a 3rd party (courts) to enforce the contract.

Currently, in the US a contract no longer means anything as far as lending money is concerned. Lenders are being forced by the government to alter contracts after they've been signed, making changes to terms of the loan at the whim of the government. That is step 1 to 3rd wold status. Step 2 is creating a society of cheaters where the two parties will sign a contract with the full knowledge that they will never abide by it. Today's cheating teenagers will be tomorrow's contract signers. Step 3 is a corrupt judicial system that will enforce a contract based on who is the highest bidder. Judges of tomorrow will be today's teens. Dallas will be Darfur in the not too distant future.


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