Wednesday, December 3, 2008

They still have 60

The MSM is crying in its milk this morning. Boo hoo, Saxby Chamblis won his seat so that means the Dems don't get a filibuster proof 60. Not so fast MSM, you will still get your wish.

Right now the Dems have 58. Al Franken will steal the recount in Minnesota. Why just yesterday, 4 weeks after the election, there were 117 votes found. And guess who got most of those new votes? So by next week the Dems will have 59.

And #60 will come from none other than John McCain. Not content with giving Obama the election, McCain will do everything in his power to destroy what is left of his party. When it comes to judges McCain will be #60. When it comes to amnesty for illegals, McCain will be #60. When it comes to some bullshit global warming tax**, McCain will be #60. When the Fairness Doctrine is re instituted, McCain will be #60. And so on. And the worst part is, the media will portray all those votes as bipartisan, led by Mr. Bipartisan himself, John McCain.

What a fucking asshole.

** It is 28 degrees this morning in Atlanta. I haven't seen north of 50 in a week. Indeed global warming is upon us.

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