Thursday, December 4, 2008


I keep reading that 5 million Obamatrons will be heading to Obama DC to watch the festivities in January. Kinda odd, what with the depression and all.

The CEOs of the Big 3 were chastised last month for flying on a corporate jet. Why, a trip from Detroit to Obama, DC costs $20K each way. It's an outrage, claimed the Democrats. How dare the CEOs be flying around in private jets while the poor working man (such as the $73 an hour UAW worker) struggles to pay his mortgage (the $700K mortgage that was refinanced 3 times in order to buy the Escalade and Cayanne was well as the yearly trip to Fiji).

So while the Democrats are demanding CEOs fly on Southwest, they are getting ready for a 5 million person party on Jan 20. A party so big that the city of Obama DC may have to declare bankruptcy due to the additional costs associated with security. A party that will be bigger than either of Bush's parties

If nothing else, the Democrats are consistent in both their stupidity and hypocrisy.

Here is what the Ny Times said in 2005:

"Some critics say spending so much on these parties seems ill-timed both because of the Iraq war and the tsunami catastrophe in Asia. Anthony D. Weiner, a Democratic congressman preparing to run for mayor of New York, sent President Bush a letter on Tuesday suggesting that the millions in inaugural funds be sent to the troops in Iraq"

OK fair enough. So I would expect these same critics to request Obama tone down his festivities given the war in Iraq, the Mumbai massacres and of course the economic meltdown. Right?

I expect the outrage from Mr. Weiner to start any day now.


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S said...

Ok, Ed, you've inspired me. I'll write Mr. Weiner a letter if you will, and copy the NY Times.